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Outside Observations & Drawing Over Them

I was at a writing workshop in an art gallery and I was drawing more than writing. It felt good to be drawing outside of my familiar surroundings. It is something I would like to get into the habit of … Continue reading

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A New Year & A Mystical Marmoset

With last year dominated by the completion of my MA Sequential Design/Illustration, this year my path will be split in three directions (but they will hopefully support each other). Firstly, I am writing a PhD proposal exploring the development of early animation. Secondly, … Continue reading

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The Exhibition & The End of the MA

So I’ve completed my Sequential Design/Illustration MA. The exhibition, from all the feedback we’ve had, was a great success. It was great to see everyone’s work up on the walls and to feel like we’d worked together to make it … Continue reading

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The Animators of Pre-Cinema & Their Demons

Just under a year ago I began my MA in Sequential Design/Illustration. And now my final submission has been completed and I am eagerly awaiting our exhibition, beginning next week. Exhibition at The University of Brighton, Grand Parade Gallery 10am – 5pm … Continue reading

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Out of the Woods & Onto the Walls

So a few years ago I attended a Myths & Fairy Tales course in creative writing (at Evolution Arts) with the idea of developing my storytelling skills. I enjoyed the writing but I also couldn’t resist responding to each of the sessions … Continue reading

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Rumpelstiltskin & Spinning Discs

For my Visual Narrative unit on my MA course I had to create a sequential response to the story of Rumpelstiltskin. To relate this to my main project (looking at early animation techniques) I decided to create three phenakistoscopes showing … Continue reading

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Wolves & Stories in the Crypt

I recently spent a weekend in a crypt. This was the crypt of the derelict St Elisabeth’s Church in Eastbourne and it was playing a part in Eastbourne’s Artist’s Open Houses. It is a crypt with walls decorated with beautiful … Continue reading

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