A New Year & A Mystical Marmoset

With last year dominated by the completion of my MA Sequential Design/Illustration, this year my path will be split in three directions (but they will hopefully support each other). Firstly, I am writing a PhD proposal exploring the development of early animation. Secondly, I am developing the workshops and story-based drawing courses I’ve been running into content I can start teaching at degree level. Finally, I will continue working on exciting creative freelance commissions and collaborative projects.

I will also keep drawing for myself and generating images like the mystical marmoset, welcoming in 2016, below. Happy New Year.

Monkey Time small


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3 Responses to A New Year & A Mystical Marmoset

  1. Hyperion says:

    It’s a shame Alice didn’t come here instead. Great blog!

  2. Wonderful, fantastical. 😀

  3. wendymuldon says:

    Love this! Love the colours you used and the full of textures! Especially how the stars shine.
    Awesome work!

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