Lyric Video & Jamie Berry

In October I completed a lyric video for the song ‘Escape’ by Jamie Berry featuring Jemio for Flak Records. I’ve produced some motion graphics and text animation work in the past but this was my first full lyric video and I really enjoyed the process. We started by trying to work out a storyboard that featured story elements that related to the song and could accommodate the lyrics and then the imagery grew out of those ideas. Although the text is always prominent when it appears, we also wanted to feature animation with characters and setting which could maintain interest for the sections without lyrics. We’re quite happy with how it turned out.

See the video here…

Escape by Jamie Berry feat.Jemio


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Character-based Sketchbook & More Drawing

I wanted to be doing more drawing in my spare time so a few weeks ago I started a new sketchbook. I decided to give this sketchbook a character-based theme and this has really helped overcome the ‘what do I draw’ dilemma and focused my drawing. It has brought back my appetite for doodling in my spare time. Here are some pages…

character sketchbook 01character sketchbook 02character sketchbook 03

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Fabula & Many Ways to Tell a Story


My project, The Animators of Pre-Cinema & Their Demons, has been included as part of Fabula’s ‘Many Ways to Tell a Story’ exhibition at Hove Museum. Fabula is a collective of graduates from Brighton’s MA Sequential Design/Illustration and Design by Independent Project courses, who explore visual storytelling through collaborative projects, workshops and exhibitions. This exhibition, which runs until 9th May 2017, includes work in the form of picture books, films, textiles, puppets and a ‘story cabinet’ as its centre piece. I’m very happy to contribute my books, which tell the story of the development of moving images in victorian times, and praxinoscope optical toy to the display (images below).

You can read more about Fabula and the exhibition here –


Photographs from Clara Wei Fu

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The Unfinished Dream & Animated Projection for Performance

The Unfinished Dream is a collaborative project between myself and writer Sally-Shakti Willow. The project explores the idea of the book as an invisible object in the act of reading. We have used a series of exercise books as a starting point for interactions between fragmented cut and paste poetry and drawings that mutate from one version to the next.

We have also staged live performances of the work involving looping film projections with hand-drawn animations projected onto Sally as she reads.

To find out more about The Unfinished Dream see Sally’s post here

Cover v02

unfinished dream sequence

unfinished book images

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Drawing Stories & Flying with Books

My Drawing Stories Course is due to run again from next Thursday (21st April) at Evolution Arts, details here – Drawing Stories – and now I’m also set to run a one day picture book workshop in the summer there too – Make a Picture Book in a Day

These courses at Evolution Arts stem from the idea that there are lots of great writing and short story courses out there, but not many that use drawing as a means of storytelling.

They have been a great way for participants (and myself!) to explore how imaginative drawing and story tasks can help to shape picture book, storyboard and comic book projects and how experimenting with structure and formula can provide a springboard for creative ideas to take flight.

Flying with books sketchesEel Version Arts

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Outside Observations & Drawing Over Them

I was at a writing workshop in an art gallery and I was drawing more than writing. It felt good to be drawing outside of my familiar surroundings. It is something I would like to get into the habit of doing more often. I was drawing from life, making quick sketches of the people around me, mostly fellow participants in the writing workshop. But also I was drawing bits of the artwork – the bulbous abstract sculpture, the banknotes pegged to a washing line – and I was wondering if this was drawing from life too.

Later, I was drawing over the top of what I had drawn from observation. Doodling between the lines, extending the pencil marks, pushing the shapes in different directions, finding new interpretations. A kind of redrafting. It’s good when reality and fantasy can feed into each other.

Drawn to Pages

The exhibition-based writing workshops are called Drawn to the Page and I can recommend them – more info here

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A New Year & A Mystical Marmoset

With last year dominated by the completion of my MA Sequential Design/Illustration, this year my path will be split in three directions (but they will hopefully support each other). Firstly, I am writing a PhD proposal exploring the development of early animation. Secondly, I am developing the workshops and story-based drawing courses I’ve been running into content I can start teaching at degree level. Finally, I will continue working on exciting creative freelance commissions and collaborative projects.

I will also keep drawing for myself and generating images like the mystical marmoset, welcoming in 2016, below. Happy New Year.

Monkey Time small


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