Out of the Woods & Onto the Walls

So a few years ago I attended a Myths & Fairy Tales course in creative writing (at Evolution Arts) with the idea of developing my storytelling skills. I enjoyed the writing but I also couldn’t resist responding to each of the sessions with some little sketches too. From the Red Riding Hood session I created a series of drawings that became the ‘Wolf Woods’ image below. The course tutor, Wendy, suggested they use the image in the course brochure and from there people have seen it and contacted me for canvas prints to put on their walls. It’s exciting that doodles on the margins of a notepad can go on such a journey!

Wolf WoodWolf on the Walls

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  1. lsbumarieke says:

    Reblogged this on southbanklife and commented:
    Now this is definitely the atmosphere about fairy tales that I want to see more of. Every time I see this illustration I get more excited about organizing ‘Out Of The Woods’!

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