Drawing Stories & Flying with Books

My Drawing Stories Course is due to run again from next Thursday (21st April) at Evolution Arts, details here – Drawing Stories – and now I’m also set to run a one day picture book workshop in the summer there too – Make a Picture Book in a Day

These courses at Evolution Arts stem from the idea that there are lots of great writing and short story courses out there, but not many that use drawing as a means of storytelling.

They have been a great way for participants (and myself!) to explore how imaginative drawing and story tasks can help to shape picture book, storyboard and comic book projects and how experimenting with structure and formula can provide a springboard for creative ideas to take flight.

Flying with books sketchesEel Version Arts

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2 Responses to Drawing Stories & Flying with Books

  1. wendymuldon says:

    Amazing! Best of lucks with it!

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