Fabula & Many Ways to Tell a Story


My project, The Animators of Pre-Cinema & Their Demons, has been included as part of Fabula’s ‘Many Ways to Tell a Story’ exhibition at Hove Museum. Fabula is a collective of graduates from Brighton’s MA Sequential Design/Illustration and Design by Independent Project courses, who explore visual storytelling through collaborative projects, workshops and exhibitions. This exhibition, which runs until 9th May 2017, includes work in the form of picture books, films, textiles, puppets and a ‘story cabinet’ as its centre piece. I’m very happy to contribute my books, which tell the story of the development of moving images in victorian times, and praxinoscope optical toy to the display (images below).

You can read more about Fabula and the exhibition here –  http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/alumni/2017/01/09/meet-our-graduate-collaborative-who-put-their-hearts-into-art/


Photographs from Clara Wei Fu

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