Afterlife Drawings & Many-Handed Monsters

I was looking through my life drawing portfolio and decided to pick out some images to bring a second life to, that I could work with in Photoshop to create something new. This was an idea inspired by an experiment I did earlier in the year, layering a series of images from different sources, using a life drawing as a base image. It resulted in the first image below. And since then I’ve been wanting to create a series of these ‘Afterlife Drawings’. I’ve also been drawing a lot of monsters lately, for various projects. It’s made me remember just how much I love drawing monsters. I spent most of my childhood drawing strange, repulsive or creepy-looking creatures and it seems to be a great way to express things, anxieties and curiosities. And there is something so uninhibited about being able to start drawing something and have no real restrictions about where it should go. Below the Afterlife Drawings there’s a pen sketch I did when I was in Melton a couple of days ago.

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