Kokoschka & Life Drawing At The Phoenix

This week my short course in tutored life drawing at Brighton’s Phoenix came to an end. Over the last eight weeks I feel like I’ve come quite far in removing some observational drawing rust. I also feel that I’ve been a much better learner this time round and have benefited from a really good tutor. Things make so much more sense now – especially in terms of measuring proportions and translating that to paper. Here are some examples of my drawings from over the weeks, poses ranging from 1-20 mins.

We were also asked to bring in examples of work from artists we admire. It was recommended to me that I look at the work of Oskar Kokoschka. So I did that. Here’s some of his stuff what I grabbed off the Internet. It is awesome. I love the sense of awkwardness in the poses. The uneasiness of a person squeezed into a body.

So just to reiterate – the pictures below are not mine but I wish they were.

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3 Responses to Kokoschka & Life Drawing At The Phoenix

  1. harrypoggins says:

    His work is reminiscent of Egon Shield, yes?

  2. harrypoggins says:

    I did of course mean Egon Shiele.

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