Jobs In Brighton & Drawing Naked People

I was asked to create a character and produce a short animation sequence to promote – a Brighton-based jobs vacancy website. So I knocked out some character designs and we settled on the idea of a pink (and blue) naked man. There’s still a few tweaks to make before the sequence is finished but you can still view the Vimeo below.

Below, a photo of my floor and sofa covered in some of the 150+ pages (many with multiple drawings) used to complete the animation.

This pink character isn’t the only naked person I’ve been drawing lately. I’ve taken up life drawing after a break of a very long time. I’m quite rusty but there were lots of things I didn’t ‘get’ about life drawing when I was younger and I’m hoping I can approach these concepts with wiser eyes now. Here are a couple of drawings from my first two sessions.

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1 Response to Jobs In Brighton & Drawing Naked People

  1. Gary says:

    wow ! I didnt realize how many sketches were required for the sequence. I look forward to seeing the finished sequence. Awesome !

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