I am an illustrator and animator combining traditional drawing methods and photographed textures with digital colour and compositing. I grew up in Lyme Regis with the fossils and the fishes and after living, studying and working in the midlands for 15 years I’ve finally been drawn back to the south coast in a search for new creative challenges.

My hand-drawn animation work can be seen in the feature documentary 1 Way Up 3D from Jet Set Films and Academy Award winning producers Shine Global. My recent illustration work can be seen in numerous publications from Brighton-based Pen Press and in Greg Allum’s The Anteater That Didn’t. I won the Great Animation Challenge 2010, had an Artist of the Month exhibition at Print Room in Lewes in May 2012 and was highly commended by the Campaign for Drawing for my work for the Big Draw 2012.

In 2015 I graduated from the MA Sequential Design/Illustration at the University of Brighton with distinction for my project The Animators of Pre-Cinema & Their Demons.


6 Responses to About

  1. Reuben says:

    Hey Joe,
    Been a while! Stumbled across your site while searching for “freelance animators” (Making sure I was still on Google:) Anyway… glad things are going well for you. Funny how we both got into the same kind of thing after graduating (i.e. teaching and freelancing). This is me btw – http://www.reubenfleming.co.uk
    All the best mate!

  2. This is great stuff. I like your animation and comics. Thanks for the follow.

  3. cestlavieladypatience says:

    Hi. First I want to thank you for liking a post of mine. Also, congratulations on graduating last year! I’m actually graduating this May with my AA and I’m working on my BA in Creative Writing. The life of a writer…

  4. calensariel says:

    How interesting. I’l have to come back and check out your site when I get a minute tonight. Thanks for the follow, btw. Look forward to seeing you around the blogs.

  5. Oh MY This is amazing! Thanks for the follow on my blog and I can’t wait to dive more into yours!!

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