Wolves & Stories in the Crypt

I recently spent a weekend in a crypt. This was the crypt of the derelict St Elisabeth’s Church in Eastbourne and it was playing a part in Eastbourne’s Artist’s Open Houses. It is a crypt with walls decorated with beautiful Feibusch murals and these are apparently under threat from the whole building being torn down.

I was there to see the captivating storyteller Sally Willow perform her Goddess in the Crypt story. I’d collaborated with Sally in producing a series of small handmade books and we had some of these available over the weekend. One of these books was a retelling of the Red Riding Hood story (emphasising the rites of passage into womanhood) called ‘Red’ – I provided some wolf drawings, which I enjoyed getting my teeth into…

Red Three

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2 Responses to Wolves & Stories in the Crypt

  1. Ameeta Davis says:

    Your artwork is inspiring and evocative

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