The Ticking Clock & Painting With Tea

We’re running out of time. In terms of our Kickstarter for The Anteater That Didn’t, written by Greg Allum and Illustrated by me. We’re really hoping we can find enough funding to print the book before the deadline. To find out how you can pledge for a copy of the book and other rewards – follow this link 

Because it’s a story that features so much tea and cake, and a run down cafe with its disheveled proprietor, Les Crumple, we thought we’d make use of tea stain textures throughout the illustrations. This has meant I’ve had quite a lot of fun rolling teabags across paper and squeezing them to drip and splatter across the page. The images below show something of the process – with the tea texture layer being created separately from the drawings and blended with the colour image (of Les in his cafe) at the end. I like tea.

Tea Painting Steps

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