Off Life & Out The House

I’ve started submitting comics to Off Life magazine, in the hope that I can have one published in the free bi-monthly comic anthology that appears in bars, cafes and public places across Bristol and London. My first attempt was a three-page comic called ‘Out The House’ about someone who struggles to engage with the world outside. I’d tried to keep it down to two pages but even after a lot of culling of images and words it still feels a bit cramped. And there are too many words and it suddenly felt like I’d made the mistake of being far too ambitious with the amount of story I wanted to tell. Next time I’ll be aiming to create a perfectly balanced one-page comic.

Below are the initial sketches for page one of the comic. It’s interesting how I pretty much start by doing a page that looks like a storyboard. Still had my animation head on. Below that; some character designs for the ‘human friend’ and then the actual comic. Let me know what you think 🙂

Rough Progression

page 01 RGB

page 02 RGB

page 03 RGB

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