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My Drawing From The Imagination course starts again next Monday at Evolution Arts. It’s a course that uses various prompts and starting points to develop ideas through drawing and imagining rather than through observation. I’ve found it has served as both a confidence boosting path into drawing for those who have felt intimidated by the idea of learning to draw and also a refreshing and fun challenge to those who are experienced drawing course attendees.  Students on the course described a freedom in drawing they hadn’t felt before. The course is divided into five themed sessions, each with a series of starting points that build a path from which images develop and ideas are explored. More information about the course and Evolution Arts here 

Illustrated Digital Colour Version

I went to a double book launch last week for two books published by Brighton Nightwriters. I picked up copies of these two books and a third I’d missed the launch for, having designed the covers for all three.

The Shorelines anthology is available here

A Feeling For Crows is here  

And A Gallery Of Husbands is here

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