Animation & Illustration

I’ve been trying to strike a balance between the animation and illustration jobs I take on. I enjoy doing animation but it is, it seems, really ineffective when it comes to paying bills. In this freelancing game I’m finding that the cost of animation isn’t a cost people are willing to pay. It means I have to be very careful about when I take on animation jobs and what size they are, and I do want to take them on, but only when I can afford to. Illustration projects have provided me with the main backbone of work this year. I’ve been looking for other ways to stay connected to animation. At the end of October I ran a three day stop motion Big Art Club at DWLP for 8-12 year-olds (where we experimented with claymation, cut-outs and pixilation) and last week I attended the Brighton Animators Networking Group and enjoyed discussing animation related events for the future. I don’t ever want to be too far from my next animation job though, and I want to make sure there is always one of those on the horizon.

In the summer I provided some animation for a music video for the track ‘Don’t Put Me In A Box’ by Kayosoul (see the video here) and I’ve included some of the animation for it in the video below. At the moment I am creating some animation for a documentary about dogs in New York called ‘Oh My Dog!’ and an image of the main character, Gus, is below

Test Animation for DPMIAB

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