Bexhill & The Big Draw

Every time I’ve been to Bexhill it has rained. And as the weather becomes more consistently wet, I’ve been travelling to Bexhill more frequently . This Sunday I’ll be there again, running activities for The Big Draw 2012 at the De La Warr Pavilion. The Big Draw is an event that the DLWP holds every year with great enthusiasm and success and with a range of drawing activities devised by a different guest artist each time. And this year it’s me. Which is pretty exciting. It will be the perfect way to spend a rainy day.

The theme set by The Big Draw this year was ‘take a line for a walk’. From that theme the activities seemed to suggest little personal journeys or explorations, the title became ‘What’s Your Journey?’ and the tone of an adventure in drawing was established. More details here

There have been lots of things to prepare. There have been 8mm projectors to fix, bamboo brush sticks to make, stencils to cut and dot-to-dot puzzles to plan. I’ve also created a series of one-page comic strips to support the instructions for each activity, some of which are below, along with some of the promotional image designs.

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1 Response to Bexhill & The Big Draw

  1. Mr A I Hay says:

    Oh my god I love it. Not a big fan of dogs thou. Ani good, dogs bad.

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