Hoodies & Piles of Paper

I have an animation project on right now. 85 seconds of hand-drawn ‘cartoon’ animation for a music video for Kayosoul. It means I have piles of paper everywhere (for every one second of animation I need to do twelve drawings). The first step though, was to design how everything in the animation would look, which meant sketching, storyboarding and looking at lots of reference material. Previous to this project I was drawing warmongering elves, magic pink rabbits and happy taxi cabs, so I’m embracing the chance to be working with imagery that’s more rooted in urban and social realities. Although one of my first first feedback comments on a character design was ‘can you make him look less like an elf?’

For more information on Kayosoul (his music is awesome) visit http://www.kayosoulmusic.com/

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