Drawing from Fairytales & 2D Character Animation

In March I attended one of Draw’s Drawing Circus events in Brighton. This was a six hour themed drawing session with live music, sets, props, costumes and many models to draw at any one time, all based on Grimm’s Fairytales – (http://brightondrawing.tumblr.com/post/18840539897/grimm-tales) It was VERY atmospheric. I found it slightly overwhelming and difficult to focus on drawing one model for any length of time because my eyes are the kind of eyes that want to jump around and take EVERYTHING in. But I managed to do some drawing and I’ve collected and edited some of my sketches together to show below.

Earlier, on the same day, I was delivering one of my 2D Character Animation sessions. These ran from mid February through to the end of March. The last session was at the weekend. It was great to see how students had developed their own characters and brought them to life through a series of animation tasks. And they were all amazing characters and sequences! We had a Panda that wants to be human, a psychological battle over a video game, a police car that can climb buildings, a ‘gangsta’ version of Top Cat, an exaggerated Robert Smith from The Cure with Goth superpowers, a hippy pegasus-unicorn, a power crazed bridge-builder, a clumsy good Samaritan and a girl in obsessive pursuit of a butterfly. Underneath the life drawings is an image of an example character used as a prompt in one of the sessions, expressing a series of emotions. (more info here: http://www.ccb.ac.uk/public/courses/adult/2d-character-animation-sat-jan-12-5962.html)

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